Learning Nash equilibria in Rank-1 games: Going beyond the Minty Property
(with Nikolas Patris).
ICLR 2024 [Link soon]

Beating Price of Anarchy and Gradient Descent without Regret in Potential Games
(with Iosif Sakos, Stefanos Leonardos, Stelios Stavroulakis, Will Overman and Georgios Piliouras).
ICLR 2024 [Link soon]

Optimistic Policy Gradient in Multi-Player Markov Games with a Single Controller: Convergence Beyond the Minty Property (with Ioannis Anagnostides, Gabriele Farina and Tuomas Sandholm).
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Computing Nash Equilibria in Potential Games with Private Uncoupled Constraints
(with Nikolas Patris, Stelios Stavroulakis, Fivos Kalogiannis and Rose Zhang).
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Exponential Lower Bounds for Fictitious Play in Potential Games
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Zero-sum Polymatrix Markov Games: Equilibrium Collapse and Efficient Computation of Nash Equilibria (with Fivos Kalogiannis).
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On the Convergence of No-Regret Learning Dynamics in Time-Varying Games
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On Scrambling Phenomena for Randomly Initialized Recurrent Networks
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On Last-Iterate Convergence Beyond Zero-Sum Games
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Accelerated Multiplicative Weights Update Avoids Saddle Points almost always
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Last iterate convergence in no-regret learning: constrained min-max optimization for convex-concave landscapes (with Qi Lei, Sai Ganesh Nagarajan and Xiao Wang).
AISTATS 2021 [Arxiv]. This work was part of Qi Lei’s thesis that was awarded.

Efficient Statistics for Sparse Graphical Models from Truncated Samples
(with Arnab Bhattacharya, Rathin Desai and Sai Ganesh Nagarajan)
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Logistic regression with peer-group effects via inference in higher-order Ising models
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(with Jason D. Lee, Georgios Piliouras, Max Simchowitz, Michael I. Jordan and Benjamin Recht).
Math. Programming 2019, issue on non-convex optimization for statistical learning. [Arxiv]
Have a look at this nice exposition about our work!

Last-Iterate Convergence: Zero-Sum Games and Constrained Min-Max Optimization
(with Costis Daskalakis).
ITCS 2019 [Arxiv], [Slides]


The Limit Points of (Optimistic) Gradient Descent in Min-Max Optimization
(with Costis Daskalakis).
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Cycles in Zero Sum Differential Games and Biological Diversity
(with Tung Mai, Milena Mihail, Will Ratcliff, Vijay V. Vazirani and Peter Yunker).
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Multiplicative Weights Update with Constant step-size in Congestion Games: Convergence, Limit Cycles and Chaos (with Gerasimos Palaiopanos and Georgios Piliouras).
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Opinion Dynamics in Networks: Convergence, Stability and Lack of Explosion
(with Tung Mai and Vijay V. Vazirani).
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Gradient Descent Only Converges to Minimizers: Non-Isolated Critical Points and Invariant Regions (with Georgios Piliouras).
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Mutation, Sexual Reproduction and Survival in Dynamic Environments
(with Ruta Mehta, Georgios Piliouras, Prasad Tetali and Vijay V. Vazirani).
ITCS 2017 [Arxiv]

Before 2017

The Computational Complexity of Genetic Diversity
(with Ruta Mehta, Georgios Piliouras and Sadra Yazdanbod).
ESA 2016 [Arxiv], [Slides]

Average Case Performance of Replicator Dynamics in Potential Games via Computing Regions of Attraction (with Georgios Piliouras).
EC 2016 [Arxiv]

Mixing Time of Markov Chains, Dynamical Systems and Evolution
(with Nisheeth K. Vishnoi).
ICALP 2016 [PDF]

Evolutionary Dynamics in finite populations mix rapidly
(with Piyush Srivastava and Nisheeth K. Vishnoi).
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Natural Selection as an Inhibitor of Genetic Diversity: Multiplicative Weights Updates Algorithm and a Conjecture of Haploid Genetics (with Ruta Mehta and Georgios Piliouras).
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Support-theoretic subgraph preconditioners for large-scale SLAM
(with Yong-Dian Jian, Doru Balcan, Prasad Tetali, Frank Dellaert).
IROS 2013 [PDF]


PhD: Evolutionary Markov Chains, potential games and optimization under the lens of dynamical systems. [PDF]